Tim Peori
Tim Peori ( Home Owner )
I've known Omesh Ramdhan for over 15 years before he started this company as a hard working, dependable and honest excavator operator. Always took pride in his work and has lots of experience doing many excavations. I've used him in my past to regrade my back yard as we were installing new lawn, he did a fantastic job. He made sure everything was done perfectly in time before the sod was delivered as we had extra help to lay it down. To anyone who is looking for an excavator contractor this is the company you need, I recommend Omesh (GPE) because of the good qualities and workmanship you will get. He will make sure everything is done right!
K. Jaggernauth
K. Jaggernauth ( President )
With over 25 years working in the construction industry I've worked with many excavation contractors but only one person caught my attention, Omesh Ramdhan. He proved his experience, skills, integrity and motivation to get the job done. He worked hard to get each project done on time. He is a guy who takes pride in his work and someone who is happy with what he does, and this goes a long way in my books. Every job he did for me was always better than what I expected. It's with great confidence that I recommend this company to anyone out there. Tates Constuction
Raj Gajadhar
Raj Gajadhar ( Home Owner )
At first I was sceptical about who I was going to hire to do excavations for the new addition of my home. I thought it would be an issue because of the tight access to me and my neighbouring property. When Omesh came to give me a quote he told me not to worry, and he reassured me that there is always a solution. With some onsite measuring he came up with an idea to move the fencing temporary with my neighbours permission. I was amazed by the professional services received from GPE crew. My brick layer guy was extremely happy to see the area excavated and levelled, which made his jobs easier. They made sure that everything was done to the specs and most importantly in accordance to safety standards. Bottom line, GPE solved all my problems and met all of requirements. I am happy that I was able to find the right company to do my addition, and I will recommend these guys in a heartbeat to anyone. No doubt!!! Thank you Green Planet Excavation!

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