How to Remove the Smell of Rubber (From your CrossFit Equipment) for a More Pleasant Workout Experience

When you purchase any new workout equipment, it will inevitably come with the rather unwelcome new rubber smell. Whereas this smell may start out being reassuring of getting a new product, it can stick to anything and be very pungent and thick. Exploring how to remove the smell of rubber from your CrossFit equipment may be what is required.

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When working out, you will be around your equipment for extended periods of time, and to get the most out of your workout, you need to avoid any and all distractions. An uncomfortable smell can be deeply distracting and can even lead to the end of your workout session. It is, therefore, important that you take certain steps to get rid of the strong rubber smell that can lead to an unpleasant workout experience.

To start, you should wash your CrossFit equipment with a simple soap solution and then wipe them dry. This begins to chip away at the smell. Next, put the equipment outdoors where it will be exposed to the sun. Ideally, the equipment should get several hours of hot sunlight to help you get rid of the smell.

When cleaning the equipment, especially if it is a mat, make certain to clean both sides so that the smell can be removed faster.

Keep any equipment a ventilated room once you have cleaned. AS the rubber smell may take some time to disappear, you may have to clean your equipment every day for a week before you notice a significant change. In this period, make sure you keep the items in a well-ventilated area.


The pros for using these methods are as follows:

  • These methods are affordable. There is no need to purchase any expensive solutions or tools.
  • The methods are also convenient.
  • Once executed, one may notice a considerable difference in a short amount of time.
  • These methods can be applied to any rubber equipment without fear that there may be any resulting damage.


The cons are:

  • The rubber may discolor if t is overexposed to sunlight.
  • The smell of rubber takes a long time to disappear. Therefore, the procedures may have to be done repeatedly in order for them to show any sign of effectiveness.
  • Continued washing and exposure to the sun may lead to some wear and tear of the new equipment.

What we like

Although the pros and cons have been stated, there are still some aspects of removing the smell of rubber that we find effective.

The best aspect of trying to remove the smell of rubber from your equipment is that you learn to handle it in various ways. This will make it easier for you to eventually use it, and possibly use it more extensively than if you had limited interaction with it.

The constant care also makes you more aware of any defaults or damage that may be in the equipment despite it being new. Finding these defects in good time means that it can be considerably easier to request for a timely refund or product exchange.

What we don't like

The time it takes to get rid of the smell is relatively long. Therefore, the only thing that is left to do is to endure the smell for as long as possible.

There is no simple and immediate solution to the smell problem. So if one is unable to get past the smell in order to work out, they may be forced to keep the equipment aside until the smell has gone, and they can use it.


Customers have been known to resolve the issue by making a cleaning solution mixing Pine Sol and Murphys Oil soap. Once the rubber is walked with and left out in the sun for several hours, the smell of rubber decreases distinctly.

Customers also commented that the smell can be particularly strong if the rubber used to make the equipment has been recycled.

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