Benriner Japanese Mandoline Slicer

It slices and juliennes with the precision of a master chef because you cannot. This little beauty will take your knife skills from amateur cook to professional chef. It allows you to cut vegetables in such a way to create more surface area, which in turn creates more flavor, as well as allowing you to make uniform cuts allowing the food to cook evenly.

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For those of us who have excellent knife skills, it is a tool that will save time in the kitchen. I use it to make all kinds of salads; cole slaw, pickled vegetables, carrots and raisin, beet salad and more. I also use it to prepare certain vegetables (Carrots especially) for cooking, especially stir-fry.

Why this particular brand of mandoline???

It is well made, although it is not professional grade, however a professional mandoline will cost you around $200.00. This mandoline costs around $20.00 on line at

One word of caution . . . this is not a toy. Use the safe guard as much as possible. The blades on this are sharp and will cut you. Perhaps wearing a safety, cut resistant glove can help. These gloves are also available at Amazon,com.

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