Hello, Ruby Tuesday! Aimery 1531 Rose Cremant Brut

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a sucker for sparkling wines. Roses are nice, but I am absolutely addicted to anything with bubbles, so when I saw this bottle of Aimery 1531 Cremant de Limoux Rose Brut, I couldn't resist!

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This is a bottle of extra-bubbly bubbly, sparkling from the minute I poured a first glass to the very last sip. To top it off, I was immediately attracted to the beautiful bottle shape, which reminds me of a bottle of cognac. This bottle of rose from the Languedoc-Roussillion region in France quickly made it to the top of my list of favorite wines. The bottle says sparkling wine was first discovered by monks of Limoux in 1531, so they better have it mastered by now.

This wine is bright and refreshing, thanks in part to the bubbles, and absolutely scrumptious. The nose has an aroma of blossoms, while the taste is one of raspberries, flowers and a hint of butter, perhaps thanks to the 70% chardonnay in the blend.

Don't laugh. I paired it with Famous Amos cookies, mostly because that's what I was eating when I opened the bottle. The brightness of the wine works well with the chocolate chips, believe it or not, and it was a fun afternoon snack.

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